Sept 08, 2007

Do you vaguely approve of swords and sorcery? Does the term "webcomic" not completely bewilder you? When you espy images of honest-to-God pen and ink art, do you sometimes not turn away in utter disgust? Would you suffer an attempt that combines all of these elements into one semi-tolerable product? We would too. Until something like that comes along, let us inflict our own offering upon you -- Far Flung Comics, coming sometime in late 20l7 at the rate we're going. Here's a sample so you can inure yourself to the coming disappointment...

Far Flung

March 08, 2007

Well things are starting to shape up around here. Only some minor things left to do! An EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to KTG for all her hard work designing and getting this web thing put up! Thank you -Mullen

March 01, 2007

Welcome to my Web Page! Thanks for stopping by. My sincere hope is that you will enjoy what you see here. I draw fantasy and sci-fi illustrations mostly as a hobby and have enjoyed doing so for most of my life. I suppose it all began when I was in Kindergarten and dinosaurs were just so cool! It also helped that both of my older brothers were constantly feeding me science fiction and fantasy books to read when I was young. As far as inspiration goes, I'd have to say it started with "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs (with the Michael Whelan covers. I didn't see the illustrations by Frazetta until I was older). This book and Hayao Miyazaki's "Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind" were what got me into drawing. Another big influence was the AD&D and Star Frontiers games which we avidly played throughout my childhood. Most especially loved were the illustrations by Erol Otus and David A. Trampier. I've always admired Erol Otus for his weirdness and imaginative renderings. Tramp for his marvelous technique and flawless design. With that said I hope you enjoy your visit and come back as I plan to post new work on a continuing basis.

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